F BALL - Stopgap P121



(Stopgap P121)

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Use as a primer for Stopgap smoothing underlayments over synthetic anhydrite screeds. Use undiluted.
Size = 5 litres
Coverage = 10m²

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F BALL - Stopgap P121

STOPGAP P121 is an acrylic primer designed to promote the application characteristics
of STOPGAP smoothing underlayments to calcium sulphate screeds e.g. anhydrite. It
prevents unacceptably rapid drying of adhesives and smoothing underlayments. It is nonflammable
and suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations.
STOPGAP P121 is coloured blue to provide the user with visual control of coverage
Floor surfaces must be suitably prepared; sound, smooth, dry (<75%RH) and free
from contaminants that may prevent adhesion. Calcium sulphate screeds e.g. anhydrite
should be prepared in accordance with manufacturers instructions and thoroughly
vacuumed to remove any remaining dust prior to the application of STOPGAP P121.
The temperature of the surface must be above 5°C when the primer is applied to the
subfloor and underfloor heating must be off for at least 48 hours before,during and
after application. Ensure the subfloor is dry and incorporates an effective damp proof

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