POLYFLOR - Polyclad Plus PU

£11.51 per pack (£11.51 per m²)

£11.51 per pack (£11.51 per m²)

(2700 - Dove White)

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Price per m²
Gauge = 2mm
Roll size = 20m x 2m

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Each box 11.51 contains enough flooring to cover 1.0000m² and we recommend you allow for 5% of wastage across the total floor area.

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POLYFLOR - Polyclad Plus PU

Wall and ceiling cladding 2.0mm sheet featuring a subtle marbleised decoration
Polyurethane surface treatment
Designed to be welded to Polyflor floorcoverings, to provide a floor-to-wall surface that provides an excellent barrier to dirt and infection
Ideal for wet and hygiene-critical areas
Welded Polyclad PU creates an impervious, continuous surface which offers no
sanctuary to dirt and bacteria and will not shed dust. Developed specifically to
meet the advanced requirements of today’s medical, science and electronics
industries. Polyclad PU has applications in cleanrooms,
semi-conductor manufacture, the pharmaceuticals industry, food processing
plants, kitchens and any area where hygiene, low maintenance and economy
are important. It is recommended that Polyclad PU is used in conjunction with
the Polyflor range of vinyl floorcoverings.

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