£36.36 per pack (£23.35 per m²)

£36.36 per pack (£23.35 per m²)

(UF1400 - Marble Carrara)

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Big tiles with a subtle V-groove
1 box = 4 planks = 1.5575 m²
Length: 62.4 cm - Width: 62.4 cm
Thickness: 9.5 mm

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Each box 36.36 contains enough flooring to cover 1.5575m² and we recommend you allow for 5% of wastage across the total floor area.

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Note: 1. The amount entered must be in square metres (m²) if the amount entered is in any other measurement then the number of boxes calculated will be a misrepresentation of what is actually required. 2. The total number of boxes will always be rounded up to the closest full box.


Quick-Step Arte is a range of magnificent large floor tiles with subtle V-grooves and a very typical look. They combine the charm and durability of an original floor with the practical benefits of Laminate.

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