Lifestyle Floors Kensington Autumn Cherry

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Lifestyle Floors Kensington Autumn Cherry is a superior quality laminate flooring that comes with a warranty of 10 years. The floor carries an AC3 floor rating, which means that it’s a fantastic choice for homes that see heavy foot traffic, and for commercial buildings that experience medium-level foot traffic. With its beautiful shade, this floor will make a great addition to any space.

Each plank in the Lifestyle-Floors Kensington range measures 1261 x 192.5mm and is 7mm thick. The Lifestyle Floors Kensington Autumn Cherry is made of multiple layers that give the floor its rich classic looks of real wood, toughness, strength and stability. Each plank also uses a mini strip pattern, which renders a near-seamless appearance to the floor. Once installed, you’ll have a floor that resembles a natural wood floor, even in the little details.

Maintaining the Lifestyle Floors Kensington Autumn Cherry is not as stressful as maintaining a solid wood floor. The floor is spill-proof, resistant to scratches and tolerates gouging extremely well. So, you don’t have to worry about a spill, splash or a scratch that daily use exposes the floor to.

Cleaning the Lifestyle Floors Kensington Autumn Cherry is easier. A dry mop on a daily basis will help clear away dust and dirt while regular vacuuming will prevent dust from accumulating. Stains can be removed easily with a wipe. Including a wet mop in the routine occasionally will keep the floor sparkling for several years.

Using this floor is also hygienic as it is designed to be resistant to bacteria and mould growth, a great plus for homes with members suffering from allergies. This floor can be used for any room except bathrooms.

The Lifestyle Floors Kensington Autumn Cherry floor uses click system of installation, which means glue-free mess-free work. It also settles well on almost all kinds of sub-floors. So, you get to save costs and work on floor preparation.

Given its looks and performance, the Lifestyle Floors Kensington Autumn Cherry is a valuable investment. Make your smart choice today!


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